Types of veins

Types of veins It is defined as a blood vein vessel or duct formed by the union of capillaries through which blood is transported with carbon dioxide carboxigenada–blood, and debris from the organs and peripheral tissues to the heart. They are located next to the skin and arteries. Have three layers, the adventitia, which is… Read More »

Types Of Ultrasound

Types Of Ultrasound Types Of Ultrasound is defined as ultrasound, a sound wave having a frequency higher vibrations that can capture the sound the human ear, making a picture of structures and organs inside the body are created . It is located in over 20,000 Hz spectrum, which cant be hear by human being. It… Read More »

Types of Ulcers

Types of Ulcers Ulcers can be defined as open sores or wounds in the skin that cause the loss of body substances are accompanied by severe pain and swelling of the affected area, redness and tissue breakdown. Ulcers Types Various types of ulcers, among the most common are the following. Pressure ulcers are deep lesions… Read More »

Types of muscles

Types of muscles Definition of types of muscles muscles Muscles: soft tissue textures are located inside the bodies of humans and animals. These to be extended or contracted produce movements. The muscles are attached to what the skeleton by tendons, which are responsible for the muscles do some type of movement. The word comes from… Read More »

Types microscope

Types microscope The microscope is an optical instrument importance and very old. Such tools can appreciate impossible to be viewed by the human eye very small elements. This instrument is used since ancient times for examination and observation of extremely small organisms, hence the name ‘microscopic elements. The microscope is made up of several parts,… Read More »